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Experienced software engineer, enterprise systems architect, data scientist & entrepreneur

Benjamin is a highly experienced software engineer with years of programming experience and delivering customer centered software. On top of writing code, he has skills in configuring, optimizing and designing architectures to run these software.

He has worked at Equity Bank Group developing business intelligence tools and reporting dashboards for senior management. He has co-founded Hepta Analytics where he is currently head of Systems Development. Benjamin is the founder of ajiraKE platform, a crowd sourcing platfrom which links job hunters to employers.

Benjamin holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Masters degree in Information Technology from Carnegie Mellon University.

Software Processes & Cloud Platforms


Python for Data Science




Agile Development




UI/UX Design


What i do.

Software Processes

Daily chores conceiving, specifying, designing, analyzing, programming, testing and documenting software.

  • Requirements analysis
  • Process analysis
  • Designing algorithms
  • Writting code


I love coding. Be it small code snippets, shell scripts to automate stuff or legacy systems.

  • PHP/Laravel
  • Java
  • Python
  • Javascript

Agile development

Day in day out, the process keeps spinning. Work small, test it works, push, deploy to production.

  • Expert in Git
  • Experience in CI
  • Expert in Agile
  • Docker, Kubernetes and Jenkins


Configuring environments for app deployment. Google Cloud Platfrom, AWS and Digital Ocean.

  • Cloud server configuration
  • Migration to the cloud
  • Clustering


Programming is great. It's a different thing though to optimize apps and environments to scale

  • Server Confriguration
  • Environment Optimization
  • Process flow
  • Algorithm optimization


Enough of technical stuff! I'm humam too. Short articles and commentary on societal issues.

  • Environment and Nature
  • Good Governance
  • Technology (Not again!)
  • Code Snippets

Recent work.

Here's some of my recent work

Hepta Analytics

ajiraKE Platform

Rancard Rendezvous Engine

Want to partner? Got projects? Want to migrate to the Cloud? Training on data science, Big data, Privacy and Technology or Data warehousing?

Let's work together indeed!

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